Streamline Your Digital Communications

Is Your Business TEXT Message Friendly?

'Humanize' Your Communications Strategy

Empower Your Teams In This 'DEMAND' Environment

75% of individuals ages 19-40, prefer TEXTING

as their preferred method of communication.

76% of the public feels businesses have
lost 'touch with humanity' in today's automated world.
Companies are moving fast to AI based technology;
losing touch with their customers in the process.

Don't Lose Touch - Stay In Touch!

Two-Way Texting for

Communicate with customers the way they prefer - texting.

See how Text-Flex easy-to-use software facilitates engagement and supports customer responses.

  • Add TEXTING capability to your business landline phone number
  • Send and receive texts via desktop or mobile devices
  • Integrate with your existing digital workflows
  • Complete more customer processes in less time

Flexible message features for any sized organization

Centralized Dashboard

Organizational workflows
Manufacturing, Sales, Service, Support, Shipping,
HR etc.


Two factor authentication, private servers and virtual private networks available.


TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) Permission based text message SMS (simple message service) conversations.

Unlimited Messaging

Upload your existing employees and customers; no limits on the size of your csv (comma separated value) list importing.

Build Your Customer List

Utilize the text message autoresponder.  Schedule message series to motivate your customers to respond to your product/service offers.

Flexible Opt-in Process

SMS list joining by keywords, web forms, device taps and mobile device proximity.

Message Scheduling

Notify your employees and customers by pre-scheduling your messaging for appointments, billing dates, reminders and future events.

Automated Replies

Answer customer inquiries even after office hours and pre-schedule out of office notifications.  Forward messages to an 'on call' live agent when out of office selections occur.

Agent 'Click To Call'

Turn any text conversation into a 'Live' phone call with the tap on the call button within your centralized dashboard.

Message Transfer

Your agents may transfer any conversation to other employee or department within your business with one tap on the transfer button within your dashboard.

Customer Privacy

Customer information is always kept private by 'shadowing' the customer's telephone number.  Only the administrator dashboard visualizes the entire customer telephone number.

Message Archive

Every conversation is 'archived' and stored on the server; tagged with the responding agent and relevant workflows.

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