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Being #1 for Local Intent Actions is the best visibility possible for your business.  When your business is front-and-center to the public, the phone rings.  Active search result and social referral phone calls are the best-qualified leads...period!

More phone calls from your Perfect Clients mean more sales and more sales mean more revenue!


The Internet is always on 24/7/365.  Public search is continuous; people are always in need of products and services.  #1 on page 1 of Local Internet Search and social referrals work for your business continuously; every day; all day and night.


Being #1 on page 1 of Local Internet Search and referral networks establishes your authority-significance with the Internet ecosystem.  Established authority allows you to expand into other neighborhoods, cities, and regions; enabling your company to grow and expand.  Growth and expansion increase the valuation of your business; providing you, the owner, long-term strategy options.

You've probably heard the phrase, 'To be successful in business, you must model the successes of others'.  This phrase is absolutely true!  To achieve Intent Brilliance, you must adopt successful models of operation.  The initial operation you must purposely follow is, provide the Local Search Engine (LSE) and Social Network companies with exactly the information they require to place you Brilliantly; nothing more and nothing less.  These companies all employ a very complicated series of algorithms designed to aggregate, analyze, filter and report data gathered from approximately 115 million companies.  The ranking algorithms are designed to then list the top companies in each city by rank and report the list to the public when a search is performed. The exact mathematical formulas of these algorithms are only known to very few select individuals who guard these equations as TOP SECRET.  So, no one outside of these companies knows exactly what is contained in these algorithms.  So we test real world scenarios and develop strategies based on Multi-Variant Analysis; tailored for your business.


Any business may achieve the #1 listing on page 1 of Local Internet Search.  Every business is on equal footing for this tremendous advantage in the marketplace. The opportunity is one you must not ignore, for it can ring your phone 'off the hook' with hot, qualified leads; ready to purchase your products and services!


Want to take advantage of the hundreds, if not thousands of new leads possible every year from a page 1 listing presence?  Ok, it is possible for your business; if you make the right decisions.  When you choose to be #1, you MUST be "ALL IN'!


Attaining page one visibility establishes 'Technical Authority' for your business; page 1 rankings for each of your products and services.  Just imagine, your business is now the 'Market Leader' in your community.  And the result of this newly attained public visibility is your business is also now the leader in 'Public Perception'; community 'Trust'!. 

Once your business attains 'Technical Authority' on page 1 of 'Local Internet Search' results, Google also reveals your 'Aggregate Reputation Score' and the number of customer reviews written about your company.  This billboard of public perception is another 'huge' opportunity for your business to excel in the arena of 'Public Perception'.  Our reputation management, marketing, and advertising systems are key elements in your 'Ultimate Marketing Plan'; building a stellar 'Brand-Reputation' for your business throughout the Internet.

Achieving Page 1 Positions

Ranking Factors

Step 1

The first step for beginning the ranking process is to correctly and completely populate a Google Business Account.  This step is vital to your ranking success.  If this step is not performed perfectly, your business has no chance of achieving a page 1 ranking in Local Internet Search.  In this step you tell Google 'who you are', 'where you are located', and 'exactly the products and services provided for the public'.

Step 2

Step 2 involves 'proving' to Google you are 'who you are', 'where you are, and 'the specifics of the products and services you offer'.  We accomplish this very important documentation via several highly proprietary and technical software routines.  While this step is highly guarded by our firm and held closely by non-disclosure agreements with our clients, I will give you a hint as to where 85% of the methods are located; your website.  To make the necessary software codes work for establishing your authority and then communicating these 'authority' factors to Google; we set up a communications channel via your website directly to the Google algorithms.  This necessitates our firm to have technical over-ride of your website.

Step 3

Step 3 software coding involves reinforcing your product and service descriptions, along with many other propriety routines necessary to be compatible with the ranking algorithms.  In this step, we also set up simultaneous, two-way communication pathways with all other Google properties necessary to attain authority for your business.

Ongoing Focus 

Our Integration team parses numerous  directives into 4 distinct phases; matching the quarters of the business calendar year. 

  1. Phase 1 - Initial account creation and set-up, establish communication channels
  2. Phase 2 - Align, Optimize and Integrate authority processes
  3. Phase 3 - Initiate ranking assets and communicate with algorithms
  4. Phase 4 - Establish and Syndicate extended ranking factors

The routines and processes are highly proprietary to our firm.  If you decide to partner with us and achieve page 1 rankings for your business, we share these steps during our monthly partner meetings.  We always keep you informed every step of the way to page 1 success.  You will also become aware of your newly acquired page 1 rankings because your phone will experience a higher call volume from new customers. For example, a business with six products and services can expect to be ranked on as many as thirty page one search results visible to the public in a twelve month period of time.

Device Detection And Other Providers

Google is not the only search engine provider available for public use.  Although 8 out of 10 searches are performed on Google, Apple and Bing are also available for public use.  For example, if a user searches using an Apple smartphone by factory default settings, Yelp is the default search results provider.  Bing is also another available search engine provider.  Our Integration Team accounts for these options for your results pages as well; setting up authority processes for your business.  To enhance integration and communications with the search ranking equations, we also place special software on your website which provides device detection routines; triggering the most recent Google search result templates for mobile device users.  Also new in 2018, we refine your ranking signals for search result pages triggered by public voice search on smartphones and tablet computers.  Additionally, in 2018, Google advises each website be operated with a secure socket layer certificate (SSL)  and have an enhanced page load speed for smartphones communicating on 3G tower speeds;  Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is suggested for use.  So, being stated as so, a ranking factor is assumed.

Beyond Page 1 - Position 1

Once we have your business dominating local search for your locale, we don't rest.  Just because we make the phone ring off the hook does not mean your revenue will increase up to 300%; you must close the sale!  To facilitate turning phone calls into revenue, our Conversion Team goes to work in Phase 3 adding conversion elements to your website and offers your operations manager advanced sales consulting.  These processes and systems allow you to also expand your coverage area; into other cities and beyond.  With a major authority established for your main location, new locations may be opened with authority.  So in summary, the valuation of your business will advance rapidly.

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