Quickly Compile Visitor & Facility Reports

As Your Business

'Opens' To The Public

Provide Your Visitors a Check In Process.

As visitors and employees ENTER your facility,
enter their information via the Check In Form.

The Check In Builds an encrypted database of visitors.

At any future point in time, you may quickly compile a
visitor report for your business/facility; visitors and employees.
(Everyone who has entered your facility)



High Volume Check In Option

*High visitor volume facilities and events have the option for rapid, text message checkin via SMS mobile phone technology.  The software also has the option to send the visitor a text message receipt of the visit; as a coded validation number.
*Text Message Basic Package



Compile and email your daily Facility Report in minutes.

Reports reflect the sign in form data fields chosen.

The report database is encrypted and only decrypted when a report is requested.

The database is also purged at your selected settings per month.

The compiled report is sent by email to the email identified in the reporting module; input by the user administrator.


Getting Started


  • The Check In Module is an online, cloud based service.
  • Log into your business account from any computer or tablet online.
  • Choose Your Customer Check-In Form.
  • Begin checking in your visitors.
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