CoVid-19 Exposure Reports
Online Check In = Rapid Reporting

Fast, Online Check-In And Reporting

When you receive a Health Dept. EXPOSURE REQUEST,

Don't spend hours pulling together spreadsheets and
hand written papers to generate a report for the
health department;
have an exposure report finished and emailed
in less than 5 minutes!


Check In Your Employees, Customers And Visitors
(everyone entering your facility)

  • Streamline your Check In process
  • Fast online, web browser form
  • Compatible on all devices
  • All data is stored on a secured server
  • All information is securely encrypted

Extend Your Data Reporting With Custom Id Input

  • Medical Industry
    • Employee, Room Number
      • Custom Id Input-E106 R5
        • Employee 106 Room 5
  • Restaurant Industry
    • Employee Id, Table Number
  • Professional Service Industry
    • Employee Id, Station Number


  • Create and email a report in minutes.
  • Reports reflect the Check In data fields chosen.
  • The data is encrypted and only decrypted when a report is made.
  • The database is also purged at your selected settings per month.
  • The report is sent by email to the email identified in the reporting module; input by the user administrator.

High Volume Text Message Check In Option

*High visitor volume facilities and events have the option for rapid, text message checkin via SMS mobile phone technology.  The software also has the option to send the visitor a text message receipt of the visit; as a coded validation number.
*Text Message Basic Package


Getting Started

  • The Check In Module is an online, cloud based service.
  • Log into your business account from any computer or tablet online.
  • Choose Your Customer Check-In Form.
  • Begin checking in your employees, customers and visitors.
  • Compile and Email an exposure report in minutes.

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