The Most Commonly Overlooked
Revenue Opportunity For Your Business
Is Right Inside Your Current Marketing Plan

95% of all business marketing plans do not include a strategy to follow-up with first-time website visitors which leave the website without taking any 'revenue' action.

So why don't most business owners put into place a system which continually follows-up with their website exit visitors?  Of over 1,500 businesses we surveyed, the answer was… they had never heard of such a system.  So, we would like to introduce you to our proprietary system specifically designed to continuously follow-up with website exit visitors.



Analytical Promotion is our proprietary process which puts into place within your website a continuous follow-up system designed to bring your website exit traffic back to your website; also known as website custom audience retargeting.  In most cases, 90% of a website's visitors leave the website without taking any revenue action i.e., calling your office, joining your lists, purchasing a product or service or making an appointment.  So, our process is just like having a full time sales representative for your website; working 24/7/365 following up with your website visitors.


Visitors to your website arrive via your marketing plan, 100%.  If you have any website visitors then your marketing plan is working and if they leave without taking any revenue action, you have a huge hole in your marketing system.  Let's highlight Internet search for example; people searching for a product which you offer on your website.  If they arrive at your website then your Google My Business account, social media accounts, business cards, signage, billboards, networking referrals, sponsorships, phone directories and advertising campaigns are working, doing their jobs diligently.  All these marketing channels are sending visitors to your website.  So if visitors are leaving your website without engaging your content during their shopping process, you are loosing money to your competitors.  These website visitors are ready to make a buying decision and if you don't continually follow-up with them, then their immediate and long term spending dollars are going right into the coffers of your competitors!


Our processes work in a similar manner to air traffic control at airports.  Just as airplanes incorporate transponders to send their designations and locations to radar operators, our system identifies website visitors after they leave your website.  Analytical software allows website owners to continually advertise their products and services to their website 'exit' visitors for up to 90 days after visitors leave a business owner's website.  Using a website's analytical data, our systems allow several different types of visitor re-engagement.  Using the data from a website's Google Analytics account, we group a website's traffic into how many visitors each website page registers every day.  By further investigating the data, we determine how many of the webpage visitors leave the website from each page of the website i.e., webpage exit traffic (a Google analytical term).  This granular grouping, also known as an 'audience', allows us to expose each visitor to the exact product or service which was their original interest for visiting the website i.e., original intent of their first visit.  For example, if a visitor leaves a website from a product page for 3 bedroom/2 bath homes for sale, the business owner may then re-engage the visitor with specific advertising for current listings for 3 bedroom/2 bath homes for sale in a specific geographic region for up to 90 days.  As you can see, this manner of 'follow-up' is very specific to the original interest of the visitor.

For an in-depth presentation of Analytical Promotion, please watch the video below.  We've also included our most recent report below the video which includes campaign case studies and process visualizations of Analytical Promotion.

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